Tremont Capital teamTremont Capital was formed in 2009 after the collapse of the financial markets. The goal was to develop strategies which focused firstly on risk control and capital preservation while generating consistent solid returns from the market. Their team of finance and mathematics professionals completed a vast amount of research during 2009, 2010 and 2011. The research focused on harmonic price patterns (RET’S), Zone Systems (LLR’s) and Box to Box systems. This research led to their first strategy “Confluence”going live in March 2012. Tremont Capital became partners with Old Park Capital of London in March 2013 and are strategy investment advisers to Old Park Capital. The team which is comprised of individuals who hold primary and master’s degrees in mathematics, finance and economics, continue to invest significant time in research and strategy development. Tremont Capital are positioned to be a future leader in providing robust investment strategies which focus on delivering high alpha investor returns with minimum risk to capital.